Site Revamp Alert!

Hi all!

I have made some changes to the website. Mainly, I only changed the theme, so that changed the color scheme and the fonts. If you think that the fonts are not as legible as the previous one, please let me know.

I also changed the header image, added a logo and a site icon. 🙂 I might change them sometime in the future. But for now, we are stuck with them.

I added a new page to the header menu: Authors List. This I hope will help you navigate through the site better.

I started out with the objective of changing the home page so that only parts of the post are visible instead of the whole post as the page would load slower. But then the whole day went by and I realised that the entire look has changed.

So in case you were wondering, you’ve come to the right address. 😀

Happy Reading!


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People build their lives through reading, I live my life through reading.

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