About Book Requests


Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot of books. Life is busy right now. But as and when I do get free time, I will post the books.

I have deciced to make a page specifically for book requests. I have realised that it is difficult to keep track of them all when they are all on different pages, posts or platforms. So henceforth, all book requests are to be posted on the BOOK REQUESTS page.

I am also going to keep a list. So when you post the request, I will add the book to the list. Once that book is posted, I will remove it from the list.

Also, I would like to reiterate my point that if the book is not available for free on the net I won’t be posting it. And sometimes it takes time to find the books, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t on my TO POST list. It just means that the date of posting the book has been pushed back. 🙂

You all are a great audience. I love the fact that each one of you is as enthusiastic about stories as I am. ❤




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People build their lives through reading, I live my life through reading.

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