Blog Owner’s Note:


Happy New Year everyone! ❤

I wish I could say that my new year’s resolution was to post more frequently on the website, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to promise you that. I will promise you more diversity in reading material though.

A lot of you have been asking me to add more authors to the list, and that is something that I am working on. First on my list is Sharon Kendrick, because many of you have asked for her books. 🙂

There is another issue that I want to address in this note. I understand that some of you are justifiably irritated because your requests are taking so long to be posted. And I am truly sorry for that. But there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. This website is non profit and I simply cannot afford to give my productive hours to this.

See, it’s a hobby. I started this blog because I hate turning pages and clicking on the next button every few paragraphs. It collectively takes up a lot of time, data and unnecessary energy. Not to mention the unwanted ads that you are subjected to every time you load a new page. Hence, the blog.

But at the moment it’s only me who is managing it. I am in the process of getting help for the platform, but that will take time. So I request you to be a bit more patient and understanding regarding this situation.

Regarding book requests, I am always open to them. In fact, they encourage me to take this platform more seriously. I am very thankful to you all. I love that you are as enthusiastic about this website as I am. Also, I keep getting introduced to authors I have not read before through your requests. So thank you for all the new reads that I have come across. 😀 ❤

So, lets have a fantastic 2020,

All my love,

Whimsical Book Lover


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People build their lives through reading, I live my life through reading.

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