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New Theme

A fellow reader has some reading difficulty. She has requested the site be made more friendly for older readers and those who require visual aids. Keeping that in mind, I am going to be trying out different themes in order to get the one which also has right aesthetics for the website. Stay Home. Stay…

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Blog Owner’s Note:

Hi! Happy New Year everyone! ❤ I wish I could say that my new year’s resolution was to post more frequently on the website, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to promise you that. I will promise you more diversity in reading material though. A lot of you have been asking me to add more…

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About Book Requests

Hi! Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot of books. Life is busy right now. But as and when I do get free time, I will post the books. I have deciced to make a page specifically for book requests. I have realised that it is difficult to keep track of them all when they…

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Site Revamp Alert!

Hi all! I have made some changes to the website. Mainly, I only changed the theme, so that changed the color scheme and the fonts. If you think that the fonts are not as legible as the previous one, please let me know. I also changed the header image, added a logo and a site…

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Note To All Readers

Hi! When I started this blog, the only objective I had in mind was that I should be able to read books that I like from any device without the hassle of downloading or searching the web or logging into my mail account to access the file. But over the last few months, I’ve seen…

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Welcome! :)

Hello! 🙂 I believe that reading should be free. Therefore all the books here are free. I haven’t stolen or copied anything. I have simply compiled all the data that is already floating free on the internet but is tricky to get hold of. Have A Nice Time Reading. 🙂

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