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The Stephanides Pregnancy

Lynne Graham Chapter One CHRISTOS STEPHANIDES had never been into women in uniform. Had he been, the world would certainly have known about it for the tabloid press reported his every move. A startlingly handsome Greek tycoon with a legendary appetite for super fast cars, luxury homes and dazzlingly beautiful women, Cristos was hotter than…

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The Trophy Husband

Lynne Graham CHAPTER ONE SARA paid off the taxi in a breathless rush and raced up the stairs to the flat she shared with Antonia. Had they been burgled? Had someone in the family had an accident? Worse still, had something happened to Brian? Her imagination had gone into overdrive since she had received Antonia’s…

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The Marriage Betrayal

Lynne Graham PROLOGUE ‘I DON’T do English country weekends,’ Sander Volakis informed his father without hesitation. With difficulty, Petros Volakis mustered a diplomatic smile, wishing for the hundredth time since the death of his eldest son that he had devoted a little more time and attention to his awkward relationship with his younger one. After…

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Married To A Mistress

Lynne Graham CHAPTER ONE AND since Leland has given me power of attorney over his affairs, I shall trail that little tramp through the courts and ruin her!’ JenniferCoulter announced with vindictive satisfaction. AngelosPetronides surveyed his late mother’s English stepsister with no more than polite attention, his distaste concealed, his brilliant black eyes expressionless. Nobody…

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Bride For Real

Lynne Graham PROLOGUE BRILLIANT dark eyes grim, Sander studied the photo of his wife, small and sexy in a scarlet evening gown and wrapped in another man’s arms. He was disturbed to appreciate that he was in shock. The white heat of the rage that followed made him lightheaded and scoured him inside like a…

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Duarte’s Child

Lynne Graham CHAPTER ONE  ‘WHAT action do you want me to take?’ the private investigator enquired. Duarte Avila de Monteiro let the silence linger and continued to gaze out at his stunning view of the City of London. She’d been found. Sudden success after so many fruitless months of searching felt intoxicating. He would retrieve…

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The Contaxis Baby

LYNNE GRAHAM CHAPTER ONE WHEN Sebasten Contaxis strode to Ingrid Morgan’s side to offer his condolences on the death of her only son, she fell on his chest and just sobbed as though her heart had broken right through. A ripple of curiosity ran through the remaining guests in the drawing room of the Brighton…

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Contract Baby

LYNNE GRAHAM CHAPTER ONE From the slim document case clasped in one strong brown hand, Raul Zaforteza withdrew a large glossy photograph. ‘This is Polly Johnson. In six weeks’ time she will give birth to my child. I must find her before then.’ Somehow primed to expect a gorgeous blonde with a supermodel face and…

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The Greek Claims His Shock Heir


After learning of tycoon Eros Nevrakis’s betrayal, personal chef Winnie Mardas walks out of his life, determined to never look back—or reveal the child she’s carrying... A year later, she’s shocked when Eros arrives to legitimize his heir! Swept away to his lavish Mediterranean villa, Winnie is overwhelmed by the fire still burning between them. But can she accept her new role as his convenient wife?

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The Unfaithful Wife


Leah's marriage to powerful Greek businessman Nik Andreakis was an empty sham, and she was determined to get a divorce. But Nik didn't want one. In the circumstances, Leah found that totally unbelievable. Why would he want to hang on to a wife he'd been blackmailed into marrying! Liah's lonely wedding night had set the pattern for the past five years, but now she couldn't sleep for wondering what motivated her husband. Why, all of a sudden, was he making advances to her when he had ignored her for so long?

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The Greek Tycoon’s Defiant Bride

He's discovered she's his baby's mother--so now she'll be his bride
Maribel was a shy virgin when she and handsome Leonidas Pallis shared a night of passion. She assumed he was inspired by his need for comfort, rather than lust for her. However, unbeknownst to Leonidas... Maribel conceived his child.

Now Leonidas wants what's his: his baby boy and Maribel, available 24/7. But the only way Leonidas will claim her and their son is if he takes her...as his bride

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An Insatiable Passion

Eight years ago Kitty had fled from home, away from the heartbreak Jake had caused her. Now, returning to Mirsby for her grandmother's funeral, she was determined to lay the ghosts of the past. After all, she had made a good life for herself as a well-known actress. So why was it that all her poise deserted her when she saw Jake again, still as attractive as before and infinitely more dangerous?

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The Sicilian’s Mistress

LYNNE GRAHAM CHAPTER ONE STUDIOUSLY ignoring Faith’s troubled expression, Edward smiled. ‘I never dreamt that Mother would make us such a generous offer—’ Faith sucked in a deep, steadying breath. ‘I know, but—’ ‘It makes perfect sense. Why go to the expense of buying another property when there’s ample space for us all at Firfield?’…

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The Veranchetti Marriage

LYNNE GRAHAM   CHAPTER ONE NICKY came hurtling through the crowd ahead of his escort and threw himself into his mother’s arms like a miniature whirlwind. ‘Missed you,’ he confided, burying his dark head under her chin where unmanly tears could be decently concealed. Kerry’s arms encircled him tightly. He had been staying with his…

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Tempestuous Reunion

LYNNE GRAHAM CHAPTER ONE ‘Marry you?’ Luc echoed, his brilliant dark gaze rampant with incredulity as he abruptly cast aside the financial report he had been studying. ‘Why would I want to marry you?’ Catherine’s slender hand was shaking. Hurriedly she set down her coffee-cup, her courage sinking fast. ‘I just wondered if you had…

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Bond Of Hatred

LYNNE GRAHAM CHAPTER ONE SARAH stood still as a statue at the glass viewing window. Her wide emerald eyes were burning. Every muscle in her body was rigid with tension. Every muscle ached. Only the most fierce self-discipline held back her exhaustion. It had been a long night and a devastating dawn. And every minute,…

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